Janus Institute For Justice

Co-Founder; Fmr Vice President  & Social Media Director of Janus Institute For Justice (Dec 2010- Dec 2015). Ms. Williams is the co-founder of Janus Institute For Justice is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ms. Williams served in numerous positions during her 5 years of service with the organization, including Board of Directors Member (2013-15); Vice President (2013-15), Acting President (2013-15), Acting Secretary (2010-15); Legal Researcher & Consultant (2009-2015); Social Media Director (2010-15); PR/Mktg Director (2010-2015); Volunteer Recruiter & Programs Director (2010-14); Project Manager (2010-15); Lead Program Coordinator (2010-15); and Organizational Strategist (2010-15).

Ms. Williams is also the author or co-author of  95% of the organization’s relevant documents, including two versions of the bylaws and article of incorporation, internal policies, the volunteer handbook, and all volunteers ads. She also established the organization’s social media presence (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)  as well as managed and maintained the organization’s website, composing the content & graphics for all pages and subpages currently available on the site.

Additionally, Ms. Williams assisted Janus Institute For Justice in securing its nonprofit status with the state; the 2014 Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship (awarded to President I. Malik Saafir); and the 2015 U.S. EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant. Additional information on the accomplishments that transpired during her tenure are listed below.

Ms. Williams resigned from Janus Institute For Justice on December 1, 2015. She remains in contact with most of the organization’s volunteers and in contact or consultation with the numerous individuals, organizations, businesses and governmental entities she worked with, represented, or assisted while working for the organization.


Launch of Project Initiatives Mentorship Programs (2015)
Janus Institute For Justice is launching the Arkansas School-to-Prison Pipeline (AR S.T.O.P.P.) and Arkansas Girls to Women L.E.A.D. (Learn, Education, Achieve, & Development) Mentorship Programs in Fall 2015. Visit our website to learn more about each program, to make a donation, or to sign-up as a mentor or youth participant.

U.S. EPA Region 6 Environmental Justice Workshop – Arkansas (2015)
On June 16, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 6 and Janus Institute For Justice co-hosted the U.S. EPA Region 6 Environmental Justice Training Workshop, a free three-day event held at LaQuinta Inns & Suites Downtown Conference Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. The primary objectives of the Arkansas EJ workshop were to bring together grassroots organizations, partners, local officials, and government entities to better understand today’s environmental justice challenges; to build sustainable relationships through strategy exchanges, consensus-building, lessons learned and best practices that lead to healthier communities; to broaden decision making skills via better understanding of environmental processes and requirements; and to participate in a collaborative process to draft a Region 6 EJ State Action Plan that addresses region-wide EJ priorities.

Annual Volunteer Awards Dinner (2015)
Janus Institute For Justice held its Annual Volunteer Awards Dinner on June 13, 2015 at the Olive Garden located at 10715 N Rodney Parham Rd in Little Rock, Arkansas. The purpose of our Volunteer Awards Dinner (VAD) is to celebrate the services of all volunteers, pay special tribute to those who provided exemplary service during 2014, and provide a comfortable setting for new volunteers to meet other members of the Janus team, including Executive Officers and Board Members.

U.S. EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant (2015)
Janus Institute For Justice was awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s EJSG to co-organize and co-host the U.S. EPA Region 6 Environmental Justice Training Workshop. See above.

Janus Pro Bono Attorney Has a BIG IDEA (2014)
Each year the ARKANSAS TIMES ask Arkansans to submit BIG IDEAS that will inspire change and have a positive impact on a community or the state. Ideas submitted range from quirky to ingenious and AR TIMES publishes the best ones. Congratulations to Janus Pro Bono Attorney Jacob Pesicek! His BIG IDEA to Reform the Juvenile Criminal Justice System “made the cut” and appears in the December 2014 edition of the ARKANSAS TIMES.

The Common C.E.N.T. Home Weatherization Program (2014)
Janus Institute For Justice, with funding from the National Audubon Society and Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship, established The Common C.E.N.T. (Creating Energy-Efficient Neighborhoods Together) Program to educate low-income homeowners in Central Little Rock about environmental issues and energy conservation; to provide free home energy assessment from a certified energy auditor; and to subsidize the cost of home weatherization, energy-efficiency upgrades to  qualifying  homeowners. In addition to our auditing and weatherization services, our volunteers often go the extra mile. They clean and organize attics, seal windows, substitute traditional light bulbs with energy-efficiency bulbs, caulk windows, and clean the exterior of home.

Healthy Homes Workshop (2014)
On August 28, Janus Institute For Justice’s Common C.E.N.T. Program hosted its first Healthy Homes Workshop (HHWS) at the Greater Christ Temple Pentecostal Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.This workshop was free and open to the public. During the workshop, homeowners and members of the community learned about the Seven Principles of a Healthy Homes. Additionally, workshop attendees were introduced to the concept of environmental justice and provided information about environmental toxins that have historically plagued low-income and minority homeowners and renters, such as lead poisoning, poor infrastructure, pest infestations, substandard sanitation, and the litany of health problems caused by environmental toxins.

National Audubon and Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship (2013 -2014) 
In August 2013, President I. Malik Saafir received a $10,000 the National Audubon and Toyota TogetherGreen Fellowship. This award is given to 40 high-potential conservation leaders to each year to conduct community projects and to engage diverse audiences in habitat, water or energy conservation.

Janus Institute For Justice Receives Nonprofit Status (2014)
In December 2013, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to dissolve the LLC incorporate Janus as a nonprofit organization and increase the number of Board Members. The organization was granted nonprofit status by the State of Arkansas on January 15, 2014 and is currently seeking 501(c)3 status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.


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