A Crime Against Humanity

Generally, mankind does not outlaw weapons. Anything a military can think of is in the arsenals of the world. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is for a weapon so hideous that virtually every country has banned, not only its use, but the mere possession of it. The weapon is sarin. It’s nerve gas. And in 2013, it was unleashed on Syrian civilians in what the U.N.’s secretary general calls, “a crime against humanity.” a year and a half later no one has been held responsible. For several months 60 Minutes has been gathering evidence. According to 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley, “much of what you are about to see has not been public before. None of what we found has been omitted here.”

A Crime Against Humanity, aired April 15, 2015 on CBS 60 Minutes. Scott Pelley, Correspondent; Nicole Young and Katie Kerbstat, Producers



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