Four Year Old Rape Victims Dies in India -By Sharma & Vyawahare | NYT

Mukesh Gupta/Reuters

© Mukesh Gupta/Reuters

NEW DELHI — A 4-year-old girl who was raped and dumped near a crematorium in central India died on Monday evening from cardiac arrest, hospital authorities said Tuesday.

The girl, the daughter of day laborers, was lured from her home in the town of Ghansor in Madhya Pradesh State on April 17 and found the next day by her parents, bleeding profusely, the police said.

Her kidnapper seized her after promising to buy her bananas from a nearby shop, a police official said Tuesday. She had been in a coma since April 18, Ashok Tank, a doctor who cared for her at Care Nagpur Hospital, said in a telephone interview Tuesday. She suffered severe brain injuries and severe injuries to her vagina, he said, and had been on a ventilator.

“Her heart and lungs stopped functioning,” Dr. Tank said. “It is very inhuman that such a young girl was subjected to sexual abuse.” The girl was transferred from a hospital in Madhya Pradesh to Care Nagpur, in nearby Maharashtra State, on April 20.

The police have arrested Firoz Khan, 27, a welder who worked at the nearby Jhabua Power Plant, in the attack. They have also arrested a second man, Rakesh Chaudhary, 25, who is accused of bringing the girl to her attacker.

“The investigation is going on,” said Mithlesh K. Shukla, superintendent of police for the Seoni district. “They will be charged soon and we will ensure that they get the strictest punishment.”

Excerpt, read: 4 Year-Old Rape Victims Dies in India –By Betwa Sharma & Malavika Vyawahare| NYT


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