Human Rights In the News (January – March 2013)

While I Was Away

Hello World!

I’m baaaccckkk! I have been extremely busy and thus haven’t had the time to post anything since New Year’s Day. Those of you who follow my blog regularly know that this happens from time to time. And when I am unable to blog for any extended period of time, I don’t just stop caring about human rights issues around the world. How could I? It’s what I do! Instead, I continue to read and save stories to post at a later date. Today’s that day.

The slideshow above highlights some of the human rights stories I would have blogged about but for my demanding schedule. These slides are in chronological order and cover news and events from January through March 2013. You may notice that some slides are not dated. These slides fall outside the date parameters but were included as recommended sources for additional information.

Click on the image above to initiate the slideshow hosted on Sliderocket. The show will run automatically or you can manually advance it. Click on the image under each title to be redirected to the appropriate site. To watch a video slide, pause the show and click the play button.



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