US Presidential Election 2012 – VOTE!

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The 2012 United States Presidential Election is today – Tuesday, 6 November 2012. It is the 57th quadrennial presidential election in which presidential electors, who officially elect the President and the Vice President of the United States on December 17, 2012, are be chosen. The exceptions to this being a tie amongst the electoral votes or if no candidate receives the minimum number of electoral votes needed to win the election, in which case the United States House of Representatives will choose the President, and the United States Senate will choose the Vice President. Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama and Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden are running for a second term during this election, the former being constitutionally limited to only two terms. Their major opponents are the Republican Party nominee Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan.

Four other candidates are mathematically eligible to win the election by a majority of the electoral college: former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee; and Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee, have attained ballot access sufficient to qualify for enough electoral votes to mathematically win the presidency. Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party nominee, and Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party nominee, have the combined ballot access and write-in status in enough states to reach 270 electoral votes, the minimum number needed to win the election.

As specified in the U.S. Constitution, the 2012 presidential election coincides with the United States Senate elections where one-third of the Senators face re-election (33 Class I seats), and the United States House of Representatives elections (which occurs biennially) to elect the members for the 113th Congress. Eleven gubernatorial elections and many elections for state legislatures also take place today.

Source: Wikipedia

Resources for Voter Information 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Brennan Center for Justice

Election Protection (866-OUR-VOTE)

Electoral College | Khan Academy (Video)

Google Voter Information


Video the Vote

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US Presidential Elections 1789-2012 (Video)

What Time Do The Polls Close? | HuffPost


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