Afghan Rape Victim Freed | The Telegraph

An Afghan woman who was jailed for adultery after being raped has been released from prison after President Hamid Karzai issued a pardon, her lawyer said.

Gulnaz was released on Tuesday night two years after she was jailed for a so-called “moral crime” when a relative raped her at her home, and almost two weeks after Mr Karzai ordered her to be freed.

She was pardoned on Dec 1 after the president met judicial officials following an international outcry over her situation, which drew attention to the plight of many Afghan women.

But her case created further uproar when the officials advised that Gulnaz should marry the man who attacked her, due to fears she could be in danger if released because of the stigma surrounding her attack in ultraconservative Afghanistan.

“The million dollar question is whether she is going to marry her attacker,” said Kimberley Motley, Gulnaz’s American lawyer.

“But he has five more years to serve and as far as I know there has never been an Afghan wedding in jail.”

Reprint: Afghan Rape Victim Freed | The Telegraph


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