Caught on Video: Taliban Execute 16 Pakistanis –By Salman Moosad | NYT

WARNING: The video above is extremely violent and/or graphic. You must be 18+ years old to view it.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Taliban insurgents have released a video showing them killing 16 Pakistani men who were captured in a raid last month in a restive northwestern province, a spokesman for the Pakistani military said Monday, July 18th.

The graphic video shows the 16 men, most of whom appear to be police officers, standing in a line with their hands tied behind their backs. Four insurgents stand in front, holding assault rifles, with their faces covered by scarves.

One insurgent makes a brief speech in Pashto, the language spoken in the country’s northwest, accusing the men of killing six children in the Swat district.

“These are the enemies of Islam who originated from Pakistan,” he says, according to a translation of the statement posted by the Long War Journal, a Web site that specializes in reports on militancy. The speaker in the video describes the 16 men as “murtards,” or those who have abandoned Islam.

“They are the Pakistani police, soldiers and their supporters who recently lined up six kids in Swat and shot them execution-style,” the insurgent says. “These Pakistanis are now our captives, and we will avenge the death of the children by doing the same to them.”

A quick burst of gunfire follows. The men fall to the ground, and some can be heard moaning. Then an insurgent approaches them one by one and fires rounds at each man who still appears to be alive.

Another person, holding a video camera, films the execution and walks up and down capturing images of the victims. The video runs 5 minutes, 36 seconds in all.

No Taliban group had yet publicly claimed responsibility for the video, which was first shown on the LiveLeak video-sharing Web site.

Excerpt, read:  Video From Taliban Shows Killing of 16 Pakistanis –By Salman Moosad | NYT


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