Europe’s Shame: 10 Million Roma Face Discrimination (Videos)

There are more than ten million Roma across Europe who are being systematically discriminated against, excluded from society and attacked. Last month the European Court of Human Rights began hearings in the case of a Romani woman from Slovakia who says she was sterilized against her will. And France’s decision to expel Romani immigrants living in temporary settlements was met with consternation by human rights activists. In such an environment, even Romani children have been targeted and segregated.

In the UK, animosity between the country’s largest Gypsy community and a nearby town has come to a head. The travellers, who’re being told to leave their home of decades, say they won’t go down without a fight. And as RT’s Laura Emmett reports, human dignity is being sacrificed simply to increase house prices.

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Campaign to End Discrimination Against the Romani People


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