Eve Ensler Builds ‘City of Joy’ for Rape Victims–By Eve Ensler| ForaTV

Eve Ensler, V-Day founder and author of The Vagina Monologues, discusses her efforts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to end sexual violence against women. Ensler is creating the City of Joy, a safe haven for sexually abused women and girls in the DRC. “The only way things will change in the Congo is through the women,” says Ensler. “I don’t believe the international will is there.”

Eve Ensler Bio & V-Day


One thought on “Eve Ensler Builds ‘City of Joy’ for Rape Victims–By Eve Ensler| ForaTV

  1. Hi Eve, I wrote this poem below in response to a documentry about the Congo Women, several years ago. Like you, I was disgusted and outraged and I all I could do, was express my feelings, their feelings, through poetry. I too was raped, by my ex-husband in the USA and can relate. Please share this, I hope this helps the women and others. Thank-you for exposing the atrocities and empowering the Congo Women to build a safe haven!

    Who? “The Congo Women”

    They spread my legs while my husband and children watch
    Ten convulsing, scabbed, oozing, stiff, pungent human rods
    Rammed inside me
    One at a time, or two
    My boy’s head is pointed with a gun
    You too
    I will not
    Shoot me, me too
    We will die together
    Swollen is my stomach
    His head and body bashed
    Militia night is bad
    What’s worse
    My man vomiting far away and blaming me
    He never returns
    A new child is innocent
    My eyes forever like white sheets

    By Pamela Passaretta 1-24-05

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