Creating Art From Haiti’s Rubble

Since the January earthquake, and in general, we’ve seen and heard a lot from Haiti and, unfortunately, many of those stories have been negative. Granted — Haiti’s position is still pretty grim. But if there is one thing that characterizes Haitians, according to NPR photographer David Gilkey, it’s their resilience.

Sculptor Andre Eugene, for example, has not only continued to create art post-earthquake but actually has been newly inspired. “Look at my art and look at Haitians,” he told Gilkey in May. “Look at my art and look at resistance, look at resilience.” He creates recycled art from scraps found around town; it goes without saying that he now has more material than ever.


One thought on “Creating Art From Haiti’s Rubble

  1. I am always creating art out of whatever I have at hand and like alot of artists, I never throw anything away. I have used creating art to get myself through alot of hard times, but the resileince of the Haitian people is outstanding. Sculptur Andre Eugene shows how we can find art in anything.

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